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Prachtige resorts aan het water


Unieke ervaringen met de vele dolfijnen rond het eiland


How many people may come aboard and is there enough savethy equipment present?

The Boat is approved and licened for 50 passengers and 3 crewmembers. We have 60 lifejackets available for adults and children. There are 3 life-rafts on board to carry 54 persons. The captain has his medic first aid and as one of the few commercial charter-ships on Curaçao we carry an AED and medical oxygen. If you wish to dive with us you will be in good hands

Can elderly join our trips?

Yes! Everyone can come aboard. We offer a variety of comfortable seating places with shade and our boat is fully equiped

Will you get wet on board?

Only if you are going to swim or snorkel! We advise you to bring swimming cloth and a towel.

Can I pay with debit or credit card?

Sorry, at the time being you can only pay cash. For company’s there will be the possibility to make a bank-transfer

Do we have to pay upfront?

No, we will accept your reservation and trust you will be present for the trip you booked. When you arrive at our boat you can pay cash for your trip and we will warmly welcome you aboard

Are children for free?

Children till the age of 4 can come for free. Till the age of 12 there will be a price reduction stated on your website

Where does the boat departure?

The Boat has his home port at the Fisherman’s harbour at the end of the Caracasbaai-road. You can park your car at the available parkingspaces outside the gate and follow the signs to the boat.

Is there a Toilet on board?

Yes there is!

Does the boat leave when it is raining?

Yes, a rain shower on Curaçao never last long. It is a pity to cancel a trip for a shower of 5 to 10 minutes. Our shadowspaces will give you shelter against the rain for this time being.

Can it happen that out of the name of Caribbean Experience a trip will be cancelled?

Unforeseen events can make it happen that a trip will be cancelled. It has never happened but may there in any way accure any danger for our passengers we will not leave the harbour. Of course you will get your money back for the booked trip

Will you get seasick aboard?

In general we will go among the waves so the change of getting seasickness will be very unlikely. We do not carry any medicin against it as they are personal but if you have any doubt just bring your own as this makes sure you will end the trip happy.

What is the cruising speed of the boat?

We will cruise around the 11 knots (20 km per hour)

Will we be at open sea?

No, we will go along the coast of Curaçao and always’s be within the 750 ft of the coastal-line. This to assure safety and to let you see as much as possible from our beautiful island



Wij bieden u verschillende boattrips die u brengen naar de mooiste plekken rondom het eiland. Stap aan boord en ervaar curaçao als geen ander vanaf:

US$ 44,-


Momenteel zijn wij druk bezig met het opzetten van het onderdeel scuba diving. Wij zullen u binnenkort meer informatie hierover verstrekken.


Stap aan boord bij een ervaren lokale visser. Hij brengt u naar onbekende plekken rondom het eiland. Een must voor iedere visser.

Op verzoek sturen wij u graag een offerte op maat.

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